Brazzale family operates in the milk world since at least 1784‭, ‬representing the oldest Italian Company in the sector‭, ‬in continuous activity since at least eight generations‭ . ‬Brazzale Group is a group of companies exclusively family-owned‭. ‬The ownership‭ ‬and management of the companies are now in the hands of the seventh generation of Brazzale family‭, ‬represented by brothers Gian‭ ‬Battista‭, ‬Roberto and Piercristiano‭, ‬active in the company in various roles and management areas‭. ‬With entrepreneurial spirit of‭ ‬continuity‭, ‬also the eighth generation of the family Brazzale is now working‭  ‬in the company‭.‬

The continuous quest for the best combination of quality‭, ‬value and authenticity of its products has led the group to be today a‭ ‬leader in the industry with butter‭, ‬Gran Moravia hard cheese‭, ‬four PDO cheeses and six different brands‭: ‬Brazzale‭, ‬Alpilatte‭, ‬Burro delle Alpi‭, ‬Verena‭, ‬Zogi‭, ‬Gran Moravia and Ouro Branco Silvipastoril‭ . ‬The history of the firm begins on the Asiago plateau‭, ‬where the family had been operative since‭ ‬500‬.

The international vocation of the Group , with agro-industrial plants in central Europe and in Brazil, eased during the years the development of an intense export sales activity, of both packaged products and whole wheels. The goal that has always guided Brazzale activities it is to offer products from the Italian dairy tradition to all segments of consumers with the highest quality and the best value for money.
This is the reason why the group is carrying on a continuous innovation of processes and products, also through the optimal allocation of production phases on an international scale. It does not follow and does not agree with commercial or industrial practices which do not give a tangible and verifiable quality to the consumer.

The group has chosen to add to the quality of its products a characteristic of sustainability without modifying their affordability, through the creation of environmentally friendly production processes and supply chains. This means that all processes respect the environment, animals and humans at the highest degree. Nature, goodness and affordability are the key objectives of its commitment, combining tradition and innovation in the best way.
Tradition should not hamper innovation. On the contrary, it must be a continuous source of inspiration.

Our group in the world

our group in the world


•‭ ‬The Company now has got 6‭ ‬manufacturing plants distributed in Italy‭, ‬Czech Republic‭, ‬Brazil and China

•‭ ‬Brazzale Group employs about 600‭ ‬people in the different production sites

•‭ ‬Markets‭: ‬over 54‭ ‬countries over the world‭: ‬Europe 28‭, ‬China‭, ‬Middle East‭, ‬Southeast Asia‭, ‬Australia‭, ‬Japan‭, ‬South Korea‭, ‬USA‭, ‬Canada‭, ‬Brasil‭, ‬Marocco